Green Angels – Kick-Off Meeting in Dreieich

On 21st and 22nd of March 2022, the Green Angels Partners met for the first time in presence during the Kick-Off Meeting in Dreieich. It was a great opportunity for exchange and debate among all partners. The goal of the meeting was to discuss project management issues and to further develop the work on the intellectual outputs. On the first day partners focused on project management issues, and discussed for example the monitoring activities, the dissemination plan and financial management issues. It was a long day and partners worked hard to align their views on the various topics.

The second day was dedicated to specify the requirement for the pathway development, with the aim to agree on a first outline of modules and content through creative group work. First of all, the design and technical preconditions for the web portal were discussed. This was necessary as all the content developed will eventually be uploaded and accessible online through the dedicated web portal.

The main work of the day consisted of creative group work, to develop a structure and preliminary content ideas for the pathway. This brainstorming session in small groups was facilitated by Pro Arbeit project staff. On the basis of results from a previous online brainstorming meeting, Partners worked creatively to further develop, organize and fill the pathway with relevant content. Results of this creative work were visualized on blackboards around the conference room and served as a very good basis for a first draft of a table of contents of the pathway.  It was a very productive session that partners very much enjoyed.

Finally, the meeting was concluded with agreements on dates and times of further, upcoming meetings online and the next TPM in Paris. The meeting was fruitful and achieved its objectives. Partners could exchange ideas and opinions and align their views on management and implementation of the intellectual outputs, specifically the pathway and the web portal. Partners were also able to network and build constructive work relations. Overall it was a successful meeting that partner enjoyed very much participating in. We are all looking forward to the next TMP in Paris and for continued highly professional collaboration on our Green Angels project.

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