educational pathway for sustainable entrepreneurship


This is the Green Angels training pathway. But what do we understand by Green Angel? A Green Angel is a person who cares about others, but also about the environment. This is someone who creates their own job providing personal services at home with a clear environmental commitment.

In Europe, the number of households demanding home services is growing, such as personal care, pets’ care, cleaning, gardening, etc. Employment opportunities in the sector are increasing and constitute a source for the creation of self-employment and small enterprises. In addition, if these services are provided in a way that is respectful of the environment, it becomes a fundamental plus for the company, in a society that is increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability. This green attitude transcends the professional activity itself and will surely make you a more respectful person with the environment in all areas.

The Green Angels training pathway is made up of 5 independent modules. You can complete the entire pathway or focus only on those contents that interest you the most.

How can I decide which modules interest me the most?

Very easy, before each module you will find a simple questionnaire with several questions -self-assessment tool (SAT)-. Answer them honestly and check your score. If your score is low, we recommend that you study all the contents of the module and do all the proposed activities. If your score is high, you can do a quick review and focus your work on other modules.

Anyway, we recommend you to go through all modules in order to complete the learning pathway.

| Module 1 |
Home Care

Home Care focuses on household and personal care. It provides valuable information on how to use eco-friendly products, reduce waste, and adopt sustainable habits at home. The module also covers DIY projects, green cleaning, and natural alternatives to chemical-laden products.

| Module 2 |
People & Pets Care

People Care and Pets Care aim to educate individuals on how to take care of themselves, their loved ones, and pets, using environmentally friendly products and practices. This module covers a broad range of topics, including personal care, eco-friendly baby products, and pet care, among others.

| Module 3 |

Landscaping aims to provide guidance on creating and maintaining green and sustainable outdoor spaces. This module offers practical advice on landscape design, water conservation, and plant selection, among other topics.

| Module 4 |

Self-Employment - Green Enterprises is designed to help individuals interested in starting their eco-friendly business. It covers various aspects of entrepreneurship, from ideation to implementation, marketing, and funding. This module also provides valuable insights on how to make a green business profitable while contributing positively to the environment

| Module 5 |
Eco citizenship

Eco-citizenship is the foundation for all the training modules, and it focuses on the principles of environmental sustainability, conservation, and the importance of reducing carbon footprint. This module provides an overview of eco-citizenship and why it matters, along with a comprehensive historical background.
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