The Project


Creating upskilling pathways, improving accessibility and increasing take-up of adult education



The crisis of Employment in Europe has highlighted the major role that adult learning can play in achieving the Europe 2020 goals, by enabling adults to improve their ability to adapt to changes in the labour market and society. Adult learning provides a means of upskilling or reskilling those affected by unemployment, restructuring career transitions, as well as making an important contribution to social inclusion, active citizenship, personal development and integration. In this context, the GREEN ANGELS project is focused on the development of a tested and validated educational format to teach basic, transversal and entrepreneurial knowledge specifically applied to the field of low-skilled labour opportunities to the target group of migrants.

GREEN ANGELS project aims to generate a high-quality learning opportunity, incorporating the development of essential skills for self-entrepreneurship involving motivation and social inclusion activities. These skills will be developed across the curriculum by using an innovative approach that combines classical learning with e-learning and media technology 2.0 through a web portal. In this way, the GREEN ANGELS project will design an interactive educational pathway available in all the languages of the partnership for use across Europe, to upskill low qualified and socially excluded migrants/BMEs and provide them with self-entrepreneurship competencies giving them the opportunity to fight against exclusion and marginalization and enter the labour market.


Target Groups

Project Results


Online Education-3

Educational pathway

A target-oriented module sustainable pathway for the start-up of a self-employment activity or business for dynamic new multi-skilled green entrepreneurs.

Self-Assessment Quiz to discover your knowledge level on Sustainable entrepreneurship


Online Education-4

Interactive web portal

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