4th Transnational Project Meeting in Lodz (Poland)

We would like to report that on 11-12 May 2023, in the sunny Polish city of Lodz, a two-day transnational project meeting of the Green Angels project was organised.

It was hosted by the Polish partner 36,6 Centrum Kompetencji, with active participation of ACE (online mode), Associazione NET, PCX Management, Solution: Solidarité & Inclusion and Pro Arbeit Kreis Offenbach (AöR).

The agenda of the meeting was packed with all the vital issues of the current project phase:

  • presentation of the final version of the Green Angels learning pathway with main emphasis on the introduction section
  • presentation by PCX of the beta version of the e-learning platform and self-assessment tool (SAT), consisting of the following training modules for migrants planning to start their own businesses:
    1. Home Care
    2. People Care
    3. Landscaping
    4. Self-Entrepreneurship
    5. Eco-Citizenship
  • presentation and discussion about the platform testing questionnaire (36.6 CC)
  • the scope and contents of learning, teaching and training activity (LTTA) to be held in Cyprus in the beginning of June 2023, organised by PCX
  • current status of the dissemination of the project results (NET)
  • presentation of results of internal evaluation of Léon TPM (36.6 CC)
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