Green Angels Project Shines at Pro Arbeits Multiplier Event in Darmstadt

Pro Arbeit organized a successful multiplier national event in Darmstadt as part of the Hessischer Grunderpreis 2023. This annual gathering attracts entrepreneurs and corporations, providing a platform to celebrate innovative ideas and projects. Pro Arbeit’s initiative not only showcased the achievements of our broader program but also brought the Green Angels Project to the forefront of discussions, making a significant impact on the sustainability dialogue.

The Green Angels Project, took center stage at the event with a dedicated panel discussion titled, “Sustainability and Green Business – a Task for the Public Sector!?: Presentation of Concrete Examples and Discussion on Perspectives.” This insightful session delved into the importance of sustainability in the public sector and explored real-life examples of successful green projects.

The panel discussion addressed the crucial question: “How can public institutions be eco-friendlier and more sustainable?” Real-life examples of successful green projects, including the Green Angels Project, were examined to provide tangible insights into achieving sustainability goals. The discussion aimed to offer advice and ideas for public institutions, such as Job Centers and employment agencies, on adopting eco-friendly practices.

The discussion was enriched by the presence of distinguished panelists who shared their expertise and insights. With Amira Bieber`s (Pro Arbeit) moderation –Boris Berner, CEO of Pro Arbeit, Markus Weidner, CEO of KIZ SINNOVA gGmbH, and Prof. Dr. Klaus Ahrend, CEO of HEAG Holding AG, offered valuable perspectives on the role of public institutions and companied in fostering eco-friendly practices.

The Green Angels Project served as a shining example during the panel discussion, illustrating how a comprehensive sustainability initiative can drive positive change. The project’s success was a focal point for the conversation, highlighting its impact and the lessons learned for the benefit of other organizations and institutions.

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