Green Angels Project Shines at Pro Arbeits Multiplier Event in Darmstadt

Pro Arbeit organized a successful multiplier national event in Darmstadt as part of the Hessischer Grunderpreis 2023. This annual gathering attracts entrepreneurs and corporations, providing a platform to celebrate innovative ideas and projects. Pro Arbeit’s initiative not only showcased the achievements of our broader program but also brought the Green Angels Project to the forefront of discussions, making a significant impact on the sustainability dialogue.

Training of Trainers in Larnaca (Cyprus) 

We would like to notify you that a training of trainers event, known as the learning, teaching, and training activity (LTTA), took place in the charming city of Larnaca, Cyprus, between 7th and 9th of June 2023 as part of the Green Angels project.

Do you want to become a Green Ambassador?

Green Ambassador is an individual who addresses environmental issues that adversely impact human health and well-being, and who actively empower others to get involved.

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