VELA - VET Empowerment through innovative and inclusive Learning Approaches

Programme: Erasmus+ KA220-VET

Reference Number: 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000032964

The VELA project stands against the educational crisis, supporting the VET providers in using innovative approaches and digital technologies for teaching and learning. Educators will be empowered with tangible tools to enrich their cultural background and to support a comprehensive approach to innovation, and the use of digital technologies for pedagogical, technical and organizational change. VELA will contribute to the implementation of the “Digital Education Action Plan” promoting the effective use of the self-reflection tool and the exchange of good practices with other European stakeholders, cooperating to achieve flexible and permeable learning pathways.


Solution Not Pollution

Programme: Erasmus+ KA205-Youth

Reference Number: 2019-3-IE01-KA205-065708

There is ample evidence that young people around the world are facing the challenge of climate change. The global protests in September 2019 were largely organised and led by young people demanding action. However, protest alone is not enough to tackle the climate change challenge. Action is needed at the individual and collective level to change people’s habits, adopt production and consumption patterns and find solutions to the climate change challenge we all face today.

Education has a key role to play if we want that youth protests are to be turned into action. Youth work in its many formal, informal and non-formal variations is the perfect starting point to challenge today’s youth to think about solutions to reduce the many pollutions that contribute to the pace of climate change.

Professionalizing Trainers of Disadvantaged Citizens in Creating Sustainable Jobs

Programme: Erasmus+ KA220-VET

Train Sustain aims to professionalize Trainers of disadvantaged citizens in creating sustainable jobs. We give trainers guidance in training citizens with learning difficulties or mental challenges, on how to repair, renovate and restore used items. In this way, we help promote green business opportunities while supporting the employability of vulnerable participants as they are equipped with the proper knowledge on how to enter or re-enter the labor market.

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